Who we are

> Who we are

Dabar Radio is a non profit organization founded several years ago as Pray Fm.   In 2018 Pray´s director  Edaurdo » Tatto» Vargas pass away.

It was so unexpected that we cant recover domains, mails and hosting  passwords in order to continue broadcasting. So God, gave us a new plan.  Start from scratch a new  radio with same vision.

We began with no knowledge at all about  internet broadcasting, mixers, mics and all those things.  Our first mic  cost  $3 . This and the old computer we had in hand were the tools from which Dabar Radio  came to life.

Later, we reach Tatto´s family to let them know that the radio was running again, but under a different name.   In that very moment God suprises us.  Tatto´s father under the direction of the Holy Spirit gave us a huge part of equipment, music and resources,

Nowdays Dabar Radio  is tuned in more than 42 countries, spreading the message of Love an Salvation.


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